Memories for a lifetime!

Imagine yourself in the most beautiful and romantic city in the world while a professional photographer captures your emotions forever.

Imagina estar en la ciudad más bella del mundo, mientras un fotógrafo profesional capta tus emociones para toda la vida.

Share with us your story and we will spread it to the world!

One of the best experiences to do in Paris!

We take photographs of couples (the eternal lovers), of solo travelers (the great adventurers), of families or groups of friends (deep ties) and for all kinds of occasions, marriage proposals, artistic photography, calendars, etc.
You will have professional, unique and creative photographs.

The experiences and the photographs last forever!

Choose your favorite adventure


-15 Digital photographs
- 1 spot


-25 Digital photographs
- 1 spot
+ info


-35 Digital photographs
- 2 spots
+ info


-Cinema style video with a duration of 2 mins and 30 sec
- 1 spot
+ info


-Cinema style video with a duration of 2 mins and 30 sec
-25 Digital photographs
- 2 spots
+ info


¿Would you love a more than 1 hour session? Applies for video and/or photography


Experiment Paris with an experienced guide, get to know the secret spots of the city of lights. Customize your visit completely!

How do you want to remember one of the best moments of your life?
The experiences and photographs are forever!!! Years later you will be able to see yourself during your stay in Paris.
We offer you a magnificent photography session, with a professional photographer in one of the best places in the city.

¿Why choose us?

We are artists...

professional photographers and professional filmmakers, based in Paris, looking to do what we love... Art.

With us you will feel confident. We will take your best angle and make your experience a work of art!

We only get to live once, why not live it in a great way and with style?

Si solo se vive una vez, ¿por qué no hacerlo en grande y con estilo?

Do you dare to give yourself that gift that will last a lifetime?


"I am fascinated. The pictures are beautiful, the photographer was lovely, the place was magical.
I am fascinated. The pictures are beautiful, the photographer was lovely, the place was magical. It seems like I lived a dream. I am fascinated to see my photos in Paris"

Hazel Waters

"I think the best way to keep a memory is with a photo shoot.
Paris is an amazing city, and if you are going to visit it you should make sure you get a professional session.
I was delighted with the result, I plan to return to Paris in the summer and will do the session
with them again.

Charlotte Sorensen

"We spent three days in Paris, and we took the opportunity to have a professional session.
That was the best idea, as the time went by very quickly,
but the photos will stay with us forever.
with them again.

Michael Batista

"Recommended, the quality of the photographs is impeccable, the light, the spaces, the composition, everything is perfectly achieved.
A great job by the photographer."

Erick Newman

"The session was a lot of fun. We met very early in the morning and were able to take the pictures without being disturbed.
The whole place was just for us.
The pictures are beautiful"

Mika Nishioka

"I have just placed the family photograph in the living room. The picture is perfect!
It was the right decision to take that photo session. Highly recommended."

Antonia Ascencio

"Excellent, the pictures are beautiful!
It was very easy to follow Melanie's advice, she was very kind.
The pictures were taken at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the place is magical."

Iveta Gribinchik

"The photos look amazing.
There is a big difference between photos taken with a mobile phone and those taken by a real photographer.
Our photographer was Melanie, she is very friendly, she made us feel very confident.
At first I was a bit scared as I had never had a session like this before, but after 5 minutes,
and some advice from Melanie I started to feel more at ease.
When she showed us the first pictures on the camera I was thrilled.
After that the experience was different, I was excited and I think that helped.
I recommend it, it's worth taking some time for yourself,
especially if you want to keep those memories for life!"

Sharon Koepenick

"Great experience. The photo shoot was a surprise for my wife.
She loved it! We traveled for our anniversary to Paris, and the icing on the cake was the photo shoot.
Our photographer was Luis. He suggested a perfect location for the pictures.
He was very attentive to us, helped us with posing and even gave us lots of tips on how to enjoy the city.
When we received the pictures we were delighted, the whole trip was perfect and the pictures are very special.
special. I highly recommend him.
My wife wants to come back to Paris
next year."

Alejandro Gutiérrez

Frequently Asked Questions

Different reasons that make us the best option for a unique experience.

  • We are professional photographers.
  • Our payment method is secure.
  • You can cancel for free 72 hours before the scheduled session.
  • We speak Spanish, English and French.
  • We deliver the edited photographs in less than 10 days.

Hours vary depending on the season of the year and availability. We anticipate that it is worth doing the sessions early in the morning or close to sunset.

Our delivery is fully digital, we will send you a link to your email, from where you can download the photographs in high resolution and also in a size for social networks.

In the first 48 hours you will receive a small sample of the session. You will receive an email with a link, so you can download your edited photos in a maximum of 10 days.

Yes, all the final photos are edited. Each photograph is edited individually.

All the photos are in high resolution, allowing you to print in different sizes if you wish.

Do not worry, that is our specialty to make you feel comfortable and guide you through the process, to feel natural and authentic.

The most chosen package is the Premium, because you can take the photographs y 2 different locations and it includes more photos.

Of course! We adapt to make your ideal photo shoot.

Image consulting is included during the session. Taking photographs in the agreed place or the agreed route. It is a completely personalized photo session and the amount of final photos will depend on the hired package. The delivery of the photographs is digital, we make a digital transfer through a link to your email so that you can download them. The final photographs are both in high resolution jpg format and also in an optimal size for social media. Additionally, you can request accessories such as balloons, roses or champagne for an extra cost. Does not include transportation.

Choose the day that suits you best. Make the payment according to the method that is most convenient for you. You will receive an email with the confirmation of the session and a file with information for that day. Too easy!

We have several forms of payment: Paypal, credit card or you can make a bank transfer.

You will receive an email with the confirmation of the photo session, the purchase receipt and a file with relevant information for the day of the session.

The number of locations will depend on each person and/ or the hired package. Take into account the additional cost of transportation and the time it takes to travel from one place to another.

Yes it is possible, it will depend on the availability of the photographer for that day and time.

Yes, it is possible, although it will depend on availability at the time. And it must be made more than 72 hours in advance, otherwise a fee will be charged for the change.

Yes, you must notify us in advance (72 hours). For example: roses, champagne, balloons, among others. Or feel free to bring them!

Rain is always a possibility, and if it rains we will still do a very creative session! We will have umbrellas and our best smile. Of course, if you like, we can reschedule at an additional cost.

If you are unable to attend the session that day, you can reschedule it. If you still need to completely cancel the session, it is important that you cancel in advance (72 hours), and you can let us know by email, WhatsApp or phone. By the same way we will confirm the registration of your cancellation and we will make the refund discounting commissions. If you cancel within 72 hours there is no refund option. There are no last minute changes.

You can contact us either by WhatsApp or by email.

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